The Litter Basket

November 20, 2015 - 2 males and 6 females


Tootsie/Riley pups  Nov. 17, 2017  3M
Tootsie/Riley pups
Angela/Marcus pups  May 5, 2017   2M 1F
Angela/Marcus pups
Tootsie - Dam
Riley - Sire
Born 11/20/15 - 2 males and 6 females
Tootsie with pups
Tootsie/Riley girls: 10 days
Tootsie/Riley boys: 10 days
Tootsie/Riley girls: 3 weeks
Tootsie/Riley boys: 3 weeks
Jim Tommy Mimi Vicki Shannon Lizzie Baily Angie
Pups 33days
6 weeks old
Desmond and the pups
7 weeks old
7 weeks old
8 weeks old
8 weeks old
Daisy at home with Dexter
Lizzie now Daisey
Gracie at home
Vicki going home
Jim going home
Jake at home
Tommy with new family
Picture of Fionn
Bailey catching a flight
Ruby at home in Iowa
Shannon with her New Family
Regan in her new yard